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A behind-the-scenes look at that cliffhanger from season 10 of The X-Files has been released by Fox. The video, featuring Gillian Anderson, David Duchovny, and Chris Carter, also takes a look at what's to come in season 11, which premieres on January 3 . Check it out below: In addition, a trailer for the upcoming X-Files- based video game, Deep State , was released this week. The game is scheduled for release in 2018. You can sign up for notifications at xfilesgame.com . Source: The X-Files | YouTube Contact Lisa at [email protected]


The truth will be out there on Wednesday, Jan. 3 (8/7c) when The X-Files returns for its eleventh season on Fox. Mulder and Scully will be back for a ten episode run composed of eight standalone and two mythology stories. Here is the official key art for the season: Also in recent casting news, Haley Joel Osment ( Sixth Sense ) will appear in an episode centering on Walter Skinner. Aside from his role being confirmed, nothing else has been revealed by Fox at this time. For more on The X-Files , visit the official site here . Contact Lisa at [email protected]


X-Files第11季的拖车刚刚在纽约漫画中首次亮相,而创作者克里斯卡特和明星大卫杜波诺,吉莉安和斯森和米奇·普通队在手头上用于一些Q.&关于即将到来的季节。首先,查看下面的预告片:X-Files面板由TVLINE.COM的Michael Ausiello托管。这是亮点:*卡特说,第11季将包括“八个独立剧集和两个神话集。”Glen Morgan和James Wong,谁担任经典的时间“Home,”正在写第八部分,这是“similarly messed up”在语气。 *卡特嘲笑那个伤疤和穆德会得到“kissing close”在本赛季的某些时候。但是当我们拿起时,他们’re still “专业合作伙伴,不是浪漫的合作伙伴。”*讲兰利的评论’回来,卡特只会说“兰利本赛季在演出中,”但不会确认他是否活着或幻觉。 *在Scully和Mulder上’s son Will


新的娱乐问题每周都有一些更新X-Files的第11季更新,以及来自该系列的全新图像。您可以在这里阅读整个帖子,但这里有一些亮点:众多亮点:上次看到扫地的外星病毒,在一个陆运桥上试图治愈Mulder之前为时已晚。所以呢’S scully在医院的照片—和mulder看起来有一点健康?“显然发生了意想不到的事情,”卡特说诙谐。但Showrunner承诺他计划在制作悬崖挂架之前举行这种逆转:“一切都是通过设计。”Showrunner Chris Carter承诺回归Mulder和Scul的更加个人的关系,许多觉得在第10季缺乏一些毛毡。哦,威廉!什么'威廉的交易?卡特说,粉丝为前雌性的二重奏扎根而来完全修补“有一些期待的东西。”但合作伙伴是一个激烈的journ

X-Files铸造更新:Robbie Amell和Lauren Ambrose Return,Barbara Hershey Recurs

The last few days have brought some casting news for the eleventh season of The X-Files. In the return column are Robbie Amell and Lauren Ambrose (Agents Miller and Einstein, respectively), while Academy Award-nominee Barbara Hershey has been cast in a recurring role. David Duchovny, Gillian Anderson, Lauren Ambrose, and Robbie Amell -- The X-Files Barbara Hershey joins The X-Files According to Deadline , Hershey will be playing a "powerful character who represents a mysterious organization." Hershey, Amell, and Ambrose join X-Files alums David Duchovny, Gillian Anderson, and Mitch Pileggi. Production on the new season of The X-Files is currently underway in Vancouver. The ten episode event series will air at some point during the 2017-2018 season on Fox, but no premiere date has been announced just yet. You can find out more about The X-Files by visiting the official site here . Sources: TV Line , Deadline Contact Lisa at [email protected]


对于儿童(和成年人!)具有可爱和幽灵的爱,新的照片书, X文件:地球儿童很奇怪, 可能只是外星人赏金猎人的命令。预定于8月15日发布,这本书由Quirk Books发布并由Kim Smith说明(单独主页:经典插图的故事书)。这里's the official synopsis: One the most beloved TV shows of all time is now a sweet, silly, sci-fi bedtime story! InX文件:地球儿童很奇怪, best pals Dana (Scully) and Fox (Mulder) have pitched a tent in the backyard for a sleepover. But the night is full of strange sounds, lights, and shadows. Surely there’对一切的理性,科学解释。 。 。还是在那里?与美丽的品脱达娜和狐狸的插图,这种幽默和不可恐怖的故事将向整个新一代的粉丝推出富富电视节目。查看下面的书籍预告片:有关更多信息,请访问Quirk Book

视频:SDCC X文件面板:David Duchovny和Dirk Maggs

你'毫无疑问,现在听到了X-Files已经被福克斯续订了11个赛季。那里'没有任何单词究竟何时将其空气 - 除了2018年的某个时候。还有一个全新的音频戏剧,包括David Duchovny和Gillian Anderson,因为特殊代理商福克斯Mulder和Dana Scully题为X文件:冷箱。在预期Mulder和Scully到小屏幕的返回,以及音频戏剧的释放,X文件在今年的San Diego Comic-Con存在。 David Duchovny随时讨论X文件的音频演示:冷箱,  which is  在SDCC的面板期间,通过声音产生,一般介绍了一般节目。他被冷箱生产商加入了舞台,Dirk Maggs。您可以在下面的全部内容看到小组:与X文件的对话:冷箱David Duchovny和生产者Dirk Maggs,由Agaile Studios的Kat Lambrix主持。 Messrs。Duchovny和Maggs讨论重新